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What is PPA?

What are we about?

Pole and Performing Art is a promotions, events, and entertainment company that organizes aerial, performing art, and circus shows, competitions, festivals, and dance conventions in the community. It is dedicated to:

  • Increasing public awareness of the accessibility, artistry, and athleticism involved in pole dance and the performing arts.

  • Supporting the entire pole dance and performing art community including performers, students, studios, trainers, instructors, nutritionists, local businesses, event production companies, photographers, and videographers.

  • Providing an opportunity for ongoing exploration of the definition of beauty, strength, and professionalism for the performing arts.

  • What we do:

    The events that Pole and Performing Art (PPA) have uniquely pioneered has opened doors for many new performers and artists. PPA has provided the expansion of platforms for current performers, artists, and students to increase their opportunities as professionals.

    The importance of each event feeds into the next.

    The Shake, Rattle, n' Pole Show allows the general public a place to experience a variety of performing arts as well as connect them to the local businesses who sponsor and appear at the event. Shake, Rattle, n' Pole also serves as a fundraiser to support the first ever professional, regional, pole dance competition: the Minnesota Pole Competitions. 

    The Minnesota Pole Competitions is the first professional pole competition of its kind in the state. It is held in the beautiful Maplewood Performing Arts Theater. The event attract students, instructors, businesses, and attendees from all across the regional states (including, but not limited to: Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin). This groundbreaking event serves as a milestone to help remove the negative stigma that surrounds pole dancing. The event features dancers of all sizes, shapes, ages, cultures, and genders who dance with many different artistic styles such as contemporary, theatrical, and comedy, just to name a few.

    The Twin Cities Performing Art Convention is the celebration and the collaboration of all of the efforts throughout the year to bring the community together. It showcases over 30 performers, 20 models, 25 local businesses, and 30 volunteers, as well as offers over a dozen workshops from all disciplines of dance and the performing arts taught by international and local professionals and performance stars.

    The Flying Pinup Jamboree is an event dedicated to honoring our US military and veterans. Held on Veteran’s Day weekend, this family-friendly ’50’s themed event showcases a variety of performing arts such as pole dance, silks, lyra, trapeze, acro balance, hula hoop, tap dance, and MORE!

    Our NEW event: Cirque du Pole show is Sept 22nd at the Pourhouse Uptown location will be a swanky dinner-and-a-show event with performances and a mini fashion show. Stay tuned for more details.

    Private and Special Events includes corporate meetings, and event entertainment that allow the performing artists of Pole and Performing Art to enrich interpersonal connections within the workplace. Inspiring topics such as Women in Business, Group Creativity, and Team Building, help to grow stronger teams. Professional artists are paired up with production teams, key note speakers, and innovative formats to further a unique and memorable experience for employees, co-workers, and organizations. Special events include dinner and theme parties that provide a unique twist to event entertainment.

    What we need from you:

    Inspiration, admiration, and participation are key in helping the community grow and evolve. Please help us share the events and information with friends and family (we are on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter), join us as an attendee, sign up as a volunteer, and/or donate what you can to help drive the community events you love.

    Thank you for your support!

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