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Pole Art Performance Team

Pole Star Season 2024

 June - Sept 2024

Land of Lakes Pole Festival and the US Pole Star Championships

October 11-13, 2024


Pricing & Payments HERE


After many years, many shows, and a globally upheaving pandemic, Pole Art Company is excited to debut the Pole Art Performance Team, starting September 2022. The purpose of the team is to create a space for pole performers in the Twin Cities and nearby areas to build community, train consistently, and showcase their passion for pole on a recurring, regular basis. The team is available for all levels, all genders, and all people passionate about cultivating a space designed to empower all things pole. We are excited about developing and training together to fulfill what we have noticed as an unmet need in our community.

Meet your Coaches

    Myss Angie


    > Believes in empowering artists, strengthening the artistic community, and bringing pole dance and the performance arts to new platforms.

    > Founder of Pole Art Co, she aims to provide resources and support enabling all to grow as artists, and as athletes. She has more than a decade of experience teaching pole dance and has worked with thousands of students to exceed their imagined limitations.

    > Has an extensive career as a nutrition coach, a fitness trainer, and a mental health counselor.

    > Organizes major events in Minnesota such as the Land of Lakes Pole Dance Festival, the Minnesota Pole Competitions, and The Cirque du Pole Show.

    > As a performer, she is particularly proud of her first-place win (2017) with Dakota Wolfe and her third-place win (2018) with Cheryl Birch in the Doubles category at the Pole Sport Organization (PSO) Central Pole Championships in Chicago, IL.b

    Emmy Young

    Elite Coach

    > Found pole later in life but over the last 6 years it has become her passion, her sanctuary, and her family.

    > She is a reluctant competitor and performer, but is trying to use her artistic drive to push beyond her comfort levels.

    > She has multiple competition titles and years of experience to share. What she most enjoys is sharing her love of pole with students and helping them grow.

    Brittany Jimerson

    Elite Coach

    > Brittany is excited to be a part of Pole Art! She's an aerial acrobat who has been performing for Cirque style shows around the world for 17 years.

    > She's happy to teach everyone all aspects of show biz and all apparatuses! Come explore with us at Pole Art!

    Sam Stein


    > Sam (Sami Sonic) learned to stand on her head at age 4 and has been more comfortable upside down ever since.

    > She discovered pole in January 2018, and immediately fell in love with it as a sport, an art form, and a community.

    > When she's not hanging upside down from their bare skin, Sam is a teacher specializing in Autism.

    > She lives with their two cats, Mya and Joë.

    Abbey Eliza


    > Abbey started her pole journey in 2019, and she was immediately swept off her feet with art, athleticism, and the deeply supportive community.

    > Abbey choreographed and performed in her first full pole routine in 2021, using her theatre roots to create a pole rendition of “The Witcher”. She has reveled in performing to entertain and delight her friends, family, and pole community since.

    > Coming from no prior dance or athletics background, she is a firm believer that pole can be for anyone and that excellent pole performances can come from those of all skill levels.

    > Outside of pole, Abbey enjoys playing video/board games, reading fantasy novels, and creating digital artwork.

    Ivy Ebb

    Assistant Coach

    > I go by the name Ivy Ebb in the studio. You can call me Ivy. I have been pole dancing since 2018. I started working with Pole Art Co in 2022.

    > Coaching is my passion. I love seeing students glow when they find a trick they enjoy.

    > My specialty is getting folks to come out of their shell! I understand how intimating it is to put yourself out there and I am here to help you grow into the god/goddess you are.

    Full Time 

($125/month only)


  • Basic Membership (4 passes/ month)

          (valued at $59.99)

  • 3 - one hour team jams with a coach

           (valued at $100)

  • 2-hour instructed class times per week       

           (valued at $160)

  • 1-2 hours pole jam session ($14/hr.)
  • $14 extra hours passes
  • $14 guest pass privileges
  • 10% discount on studio workshops
  • 20% OFF Swag
  • Team Photoshoot+ Discounted Images
  • Optional Social Media Highlights
  • Performer portfolio for professional booking

     Total Value of Classes and Passes:


Half Time or Virtual

($75/ month only )


  • 1/2 Basic Membership (2 passes/month valued at $30)
  • 2- hour instructed class time 2x month (valued at $80)
  • 3- one hour team jams with a coach (valued at $100)
  • 1- 2 hours pole jam sessions($14/hr.)
  • $14 extra hours passes
  • $14 guest pass privileges
  • 20% OFF Swag
  • Team Photoshoot+ Discounted Images
  • Optional Social Media Highlights
  • 1+ Guaranteed Performance Opportunity/ies
  • Performer Portfolio for professional booking

     Total Value of Classes and Passes:


Promotions & Discounts


$112.50 (Full Time)

$67.50  (Half Time Or Virtual)

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