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Host your own courses and classses.

Join the Pole Art Co. collective and start teaching what you love at the pole studio. 

''I love the freedom of making my own schedule and creating courses that I love. I teach in-person and virtually at Pole Art Studio.''


5.0 star rating from our students

The Pole Art Studio is a versatile space in Minneapolis, Minnesota with a 24-hour schedule, 4 mounted poles, a stage pole, lollipop, and a rig point for flying pole or other apparatus of your choosing.  


Hosts can choose their own unique lighting to set the vibe. You want red, purple, or sunset colors? You got it.

Let your personality shine! Pole Art Studio is the perfect place to take your creative talents and turn them into a lucrative side hustle. With our incredible support crew, network, and community base, you’ll develop an enthusiastic following in no time!

Who we are

looking for:

  • Fun, and talented self-starters who have experience leading groups (or willing to learn) and have formal fitness, yoga, dance, or pole teacher training.  
  • Passionate collaborators who want to connect and create new experiences for the pole community. 

Contact us today to start your side hustle and grow your own signature courses. 

Our work is art

We focus on giving you the space to build your own style.

About Pole Art Co. 

Pole Art Co. (formerly Pole and Performing Art) was created in 2014 to help empower artists by providing them with platforms and opportunities to be able to express their art freely through shows, festivals, and competitions thru our event production services as Pole Art EVENTS. .

After eight years, we are now proud to announce that we have an in-person studio, Pole Art STUDIO, where artists can come in to a safe space and train for their performances.

In addition to that, we also offer online classes at Pole Art ONLINE where you can play on the big studio video screen or access your classes in your own home studio.

Pole Art Studio Membership Info

Our Location

2637 27th Ave. S, Minneapolis, MN 55406

Phone number


Commonly asked questions

When can I book my classes?

As a Pole Art Member you will have access to the online scheduler and you can book out your rental times as needed! 

Do you accept walk-ins?

No, everyone must be approved as a member because you will get your own personal log-ins and access codes.  There is a one time-set up fee to complete your membership. See more info on Pole Art Studio memberships HERE

Do I need insurance to teach?

Yes, you will want teaching insurance if you are an instructor.

Can anyone be a pole teacher?

Yes, anyone with the proper training may teach classes! This includes people with fitness, yoga, dance, or pole instructor certifications. Looking for trainings? Check out Pole Art Studio workshops HERE to see if Pole Art is hosting any trainings. We also recommend Vertical Art Athletics teacher training programs.