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PPA Slayers Ambassador Program

Get rewarded for sharing what you love! Are you a fan of Pole and Performing Art events, want to help support women-owned small biz, and/or help to grow your local artist community?

Join us and become an Ambassador as a PPA Slayer! This is our way of giving back to you for doing what you already love to do: Share the joy of PPA events and shows.


  • You share your love for PPA each week, invite friends and family to upcoming events, post about events in social media, hand out flyers, and spread the info via word-of-mouth.

  • Each PPA Slayer gets a code to sell discounted tickets, services, or products.

  • Each sale kicks back $$ right to YOU, the more you sell, the more you make **There's absolutely no fee to join or requirement to sell!

  • What to do >> Social Media:

  • Follow us on social media platforms: Facebook and Instagram

  • Like our Facebook page: @Pole and Performing Art

  • Follow our Instagram: @poleandperformingart

  • Post an image of you loving life and your pole or personal journey with hashtag #poleandperformingart once a week on at least one of these platforms: Facebook or Instagram

  • Share your discount code! Once you receive your discount code you will be able to sell discounted event and show tickets. *Each sale made using your code earns you $$$!

  • Get Rewards!!

    *Each event and show will have different parameters, all sent to you via email before the event ticket launch.


    PPA Slayer

    PPA Slayer BONUS

    PPA Slayer VIP

    PPA Slayer All-Star

    PPA Slayer All-Star


    No fee/requirement to sign up!

    Generate $500 total sales

    Generate $750 total sales

    Generate $1500 total sales

    Generate $3000 total sales


    Sell at least one ticket and get yourself tickets to events, earn $$ by sharing ticket discount codes

    Commision + PPA Swag

    Commision +PPA Swag +VIP Show Packages

    Commision + PPA Swag + VIP Show Packages + $100 BONUS

    Commision + PPA Swag + VIP Show Packages + $300 BONUS



  • The Brand Ambassador Program consists of 3 levels (PPA Slayer, VIP, & All-Star)

  • Every applicant automatically becomes a Brand Ambassador (PPA Slayer) and receives a personal discount code that gives a discount off tickets for those using it and tracks your sales.

  • Leveling Up:

  • In order to earn Bonus opportunities and receive additional rewards, PPA Slayers must meet the eligibility requirements listed in the table above.

  • You can only receive swag benefits one time for each Bonus opportunity reached per event/show promotion.

  • We can only ship swag to addresses within the United States.

  • Commissions/Rewards:

    >> Sell just one ticket and get a full Weekend Warrior pass for the LOLPoleFest! <<

  • Commissions are paid out within 2-4 weeks after an event and cover commissions earned during the ticket launch.

  • PPA Slayers cannot receive commission on their own orders or orders from another PPA Slayer.

  • All commissions are paid through PayPal. PPA Slayers must sign up for a PayPal account using the same email address listed in their account.

  • All commissions paid out through PayPal that are not claimed within 30 days of release will automatically be forfeited

  • Swag kits may take up to 30 days to ship.


    Click HERE to sign up.

    We appreciate you!

    Myss Angie~ Artistic Director, Founder

    Sara W. ~PPA Assistant

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