Three Tips for Staying Motivated to Move Your Body

Nov 04, 2021

Welcome to quaranTIME, where our schedules are chaos and self-motivation is fleeting. I hope it is going well and you are finding compassion and peace within yourself when things do not go as you'd planned.

Here are 3 of my favorite tips for staying motivated:

1. Visualize what you will do and how you will feel doing it. 

The more I see myself doing that thing, the more likely I will do it. For example, when I wake in the morning I don’t always feel like getting up out of bed. So, I visualize doing it and push out other thoughts. I feel the movement as if I am doing it, then I move on to #2


2. Tell yourself you will just start with something simple or short. 

I say to myself, "ok I can do just five minutes. That is so easy." So I move for five minutes (either by myself or using a video to guide me) and then if I haven’t forgotten that the five minutes are up I re-assess and see if another five minutes will be doable for me. Then, before I know it, I have moved for the whole 20-60 minutes of my workout. Hooray! 


3. Reach out to friends to make ‘workout dates.” 

Sometimes my own will power is just not enough. So, I ask a friend or make a “date” to meet virtually to do our training together. Or, I check in with the group (Hello Polefit Method!) and it helps me stay on track. 


You can find free 15-minute videos to mix-and-match or use as a supplement to your other training on The Polefit Method Facebook page! Click HERE

Thanks again friends! You truly do inspire me each day and I appreciate you being a part of these workout programs! As always I am open to chatting to help you if you need more guidance or help along the way. Let me know! 



Myss Angie