Orion: Reaching for the Stars

Nov 04, 2021


Brian Lynch, AKA Orion, discovered his love of pole while studying dance at the University of Illinois. He was looking for more physical training when a friend took him to an Illini Pole Fitness showcase and a love was born. He was enamored with the diversity, athleticism, and the openness of the pole community. The next day, he signed up for a class.

Driven by a newfound passion for pole, Orion left his dance studies six years ago to attend SHSU in Texas where he studied contemporary/jazz and other forms of aerial dance. Orion says, “My love of dance and my hunger for improving as an athlete merge in my passion for pole.” His style clearly shows his years of training in dance and his passion for contemporary and modern dance. “Modern floorwork morphed into my exotic style, and contemporary musicality sculpted my basework. This came very naturally as I began pole and I especially loved improvisation right away,” says Orion.

Orion dance

At only 25, Orion has big dreams for his already successful pole career. He hopes to win PSO nationals and other major titles before he turns 30. One day, he’d like to have a flying pole act with Absinthe or Zumanity in Vegas. He wants to go to grad school and teach dance and aerial at a University level or start a company. His short-term plans include continuing to train at Mynx Academy in St. Louis, MO and teach as he cultivates his artistic individuality and performs aerial, pole, and flying pole at The Boom Boom Room.

His proudest pole moment was winning the People’s Choice Award out of 12 finalists at the 2018 North American Elite Pole Championships. He was discouraged to be performing with an injured shoulder, but his focus on the dance moved the audience, which led him to really own his personal dance style. He finds the people of the pole community inspiring and uplifting, saying, “The people I’ve met through pole are unlike any I’ve ever known and I’m addicted to their energy….The fearlessly growing pole community pushes and inspires me to improve my craft and embrace my individuality. I work at a burlesque lounge and the bosses and other burlesque performers push me to be more fearless in my acts and engaged with the audience.” When he performed at the Mynx Extravaganza in 2019, he gave his favorite performance in his career so far. This showcase has an “anything goes” policy and he performed to ELMO’s “We Grow.” Of this experience, Orion says it was “emotionally empowering to create and even more enriching to perform.”

Orion pole dance

Right now, Orion is looking forward to leading workshops at the Land of Lakes Pole Festival in January. He says, “I love the pole community in the Midwest and am excited to immerse myself in a whole branch of it that I am yet to experience. I loved the work of a specific performer at the Extravaganza who listed MNPC as a recent title and I recognize the high caliber that this competition and festival bring! I am excited to teach advanced students who have very different pole stories than I, and to be newly inspired from the competitors and students in the process.”

With his six years of experience, this incredible performer has a wide variety of dance experience including contemporary, jazz, and ballet. He’ll be teaching one workshop each day of the festival: “Contemporary Pole Fusion,” “Exotic Exorcism,” and “Find Your Fonji!” You can read more about what these workshops will cover on the Pole Stars Workshops page. It’s a great opportunity to work with this amazing athlete and experienced dancer.

Orion forearm stand


Article by Sara Wielenberg