Habits: Why You Haven’t Reached Your Goals and How to Change That

Nov 04, 2021

It may seem as if small choices--fifteen minutes of daily stretching, ten minutes of meditation, the side-salad option instead of the fries--don’t make an impact. To an extent, you’re right. They don’t make much of an impact right away. It will appear as if nothing has changed--until the day that you realize you’ve crossed a threshold, unlocking the next level in your journey. 

Real change happens through the accumulation of small choices. When you maintain consistent habits, you achieve the most powerful results. Often, when at a low point, we spend our time looking up, gazing longingly at goals that feel impossibly distant. We need to stop pining and focus on what we are doing right now. That is how we find the motivation and power to become better versions of ourselves. 

Achieving your goals is less about the goals, themselves, and more about the systems you set up. What would someone who has achieved that goal do? Practice the small habits of that person. Your commitment to understanding and becoming this version of yourself will determine your failure or success. 

Trust yourself. Ask yourself what type of person do you want to be? If you allow yourself to imagine you are someone who is healthy and fit, you will act as a healthy person, making decisions that support this goal. On the other hand, if you refuse to identify yourself as someone who looks good in shorts, then you never will believe that you do.

Redefine what your identity means for you. Do you have outside influences interrupting your path to joy? Are cultural norms sabotaging your body image? Prove to yourself that, despite these negative forces, you can be your best self by starting with small changes in your habits. One habit at a time, one week at a time.

Begin today. Begin with compassion, and allow yourself to make mistakes. The struggle is okay and normal. Don’t do it alone! Find a group, team, and/or coach to help you. We frequently can’t see things when we’re too close to them. 

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Article by Myss Angie 

Editor: Megan Smith