Ginger Returns to Land of Lakes Pole Festival, Going for First!

Nov 04, 2021

The Land of Lakes Pole Festival returns in January and with it, the Minnesota Pole Competitions. Competitors are preparing now and one of those competitors is Mankato college student and animal care assistant, Ginger. Last January, in her first ever competition, Ginger took second in Semi-Pro Pole Sport. She plans to take first before she moves to another division.

Having only started poling three years ago, Ginger’s background in gymnastics gave her a leg up and she began teaching six months ago. Without gymnastics, Ginger was seeking a new outlet and Instagram and YouTube were full of inspiring pole videos. One of her biggest inspirations is Sammy Picone. Ginger began teaching herself pole using Instagram and other internet sources. She remains self-taught to this day, and now teaches and trains in her own home studio.

Ginger got into competing at the encouragement of her friends. Competition is a driver for her. She says, “Competing means I’m always getting better.” This was also a way for a self-taught poler to join the wider community. In her first competition, she had been expecting to see certain friends there, but when they were late, she found herself making new friends in her sport.

Although last Festival Ginger did not participate in workshops, she’s hoping to this year in order to work on her floorwork. She describes her style as “dynamic more than exotic. I’m more of the strength and flexibility style than floorwork or sexy.” As for her competition piece this year, Ginger says, “I’m going for energetic and lively. Last year was slower and I didn’t feel like that really fit my dancing style. The music will be faster and louder this year.”

See Ginger go for the gold along with many other pole stars at Pole and Performing Arts’ Land of Lakes Pole Festival in January!


Interview and article by Sara Wielenberg


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