Confession: I’ve never poled in heels...

Nov 04, 2021

Confession: I’ve never poled in heels. Not once in the five years I’ve been training. Not once.

Article by Betty Ann

Emma and Emily heels

(Emma Blair and Emily Elise at the PPA event Twin Cities Performing Art Convention)

But for all those years, I’ve admiringly watched (probably thousands! of) videos of glamorous polers doing their thing in these gorgeous heels.

And oh the heels! Heels that range from simple clear plastic to flashy aquamarine glitter to strobe rainbow LEDs and beyond. Thigh highs, knee highs, toeless boots, boots with toes, even kitten heels, and t-strap character heels.

Another confession: For me, heels are just a little bit... intimidating. You maybe can relate, or maybe not. Either way, when I find myself confronted with a challenge, in true nerdy style, I read about it! So I did. I read blogs and websites and social posts about heels... and here is what I learned:

Dakota Wolfe heels

(Dakota Wolfe at the PPA event Twin Cities Performing Art Convention)

Heels aren’t all that scary! Generally speaking, to get started wearing heels you need only two things:

1. The right heel: 6” platform heel with clear plastic straps were recommended most frequently for newbies.

2. The right prep plan: Your feet and ankles and calves needs to be ready for the extra work they will do in heels.

So, naturally, I bought myself some heels and built myself a simple and quick strength and mobility routine to help me safely progress into dancing in heels. Try it out 2-3 times a week for 6 weeks for max benefits!

So if heels are on your New Years #polegoals, I hope this conditioning routine helps you put your best foot forward (in a beautiful sparkly heel!) in 2019.

Want to learn more? Here are a some pretty re-read worthy blogs to check out:

1. United Pole Artists: The <anatomy of the platform heels> and how it relates to your dancing. 

2. Cleo’s RockN Pole on the <best (and worst!) heels for clacking.> 

3. From Grip & Squeeze: Beginners guide to pole heels

Betty Ann PPA blog contributor

Guest blogger Betty Ann is a poler, aerialist, and exercise science aficionado who trains and teaches out of Aerial Affinity in the greater Mankato, MN area.


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