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3 Reasons Why Your Untrue Thoughts Are Stopping You from Getting Onstage

Jul 19, 2023

By Myss Angie

Hey there! Are you ready to break free from the barriers holding you back on stage? Let's dive into three major reasons why you might be letting yourself stand in the way of your own performance journey. The good news? We have the solutions to help you unleash your full potential and conquer the stage with confidence

Brittany Jimerson on the LOLPoleFest/MNPC 2022

Being Worried About What Others May Think of You

You know what? Those thoughts that hold you back, the fear of looking foolish or worrying about what others think of you, it's time to leave them behind. Don't waste another moment on what people might say or think about you. Their opinions are not your business. Let them have their thoughts and perceptions. They see you through their own lens, and that's something you can't control.

So, take a deep breath and let go of those unnecessary burdens. Release the need for validation from others. It's not worth losing sleep over things beyond your control. Embrace the freedom of being yourself without concern for judgment. When you're in the car and your favorite song comes on, dance, sing, and enjoy every moment without worrying about being perfect. It's liberating because you're not seeking approval from anyone around you.

Imagine carrying this mindset onto the stage or into any aspect of life. That's true power - being unshackled by others' opinions and embracing your authenticity. Let go of the fear of judgment, and you'll find yourself living a more fulfilling and vibrant life. So, go out there and shine your brightest!

Insisting on Perfectionism

It will never, nothing will ever be perfect. That is just, that is a construct that we have created in our own mind. Perfectionism is something we made up. There is no perfectionism without you deciding it's perfect. So if you decide that something is perfect, it will be perfect. So when you get on stage and you're worried about the move that you're gonna do and it must be perfect, why not understand or believe that the perfect, the definition of perfect is actually the way it comes out in that moment. is perfect because that's the way it was going to be because the pole felt a certain way, the stage was a certain way, the lights were in your eyes.

You did it perfect for the conditions that you were in and that's all you can ask of yourself, that's all you can ask of the situation. So being perfect is all something you decide to create. So you're going to decide to create the idea that it is perfect because it's the way it's supposed to be in that moment and the way that do it in that moment. So you can get on stage and not worry about people what people are thinking of you and you can get on stage and you know whatever comes out will be perfect because that's the way it's supposed to be. That is how it is going to be. It will be perfect for the conditions that you were given.

Not Feeling Good Enough

I really want to talk about is the idea that you are not enough, that you're not good enough. the idea that you're not worthy enough or that you can give the chance to someone else. No, this is your chance right now. You are worthy and you are good enough right now. If you can release those first two things, then by the time you get to the third one, you are good enough because you're gonna move in a way that is unrestricted.

So getting on stage and believing that you, it doesn't matter what anybody thinks, and then believing that whatever comes out is already perfect, then your piece will be good enough. It will be exactly what it's supposed to be. You're not impeding your movement with your brain and your thoughts. And I think that's the biggest thing. We get on stage, we impede our movement with our thoughts. And so if we can clarify, clean up, give our brain the space to be able to stop thinking and just be moving and feeling the movement, then we are good enough and that performance that you put on is gonna be fantastic. It's gonna be the best you in that moment. It's gonna be a snapshot of time of you on the stage doing a thing that you love and enjoying it and remembering it and you've got video from it, you've got photos from it, you've got people that were there to support you.

Photo taken from LOLPoleFest/MNPC 2022

Let me tell you something powerful about the pole community and the incredible support you'll find at competitions like the Land of Lakes Pole Dance Festival in Minnesota. When you step onto that stage, the audience is rooting for you with all their hearts. They're not there to judge or criticize; they're there to cheer you on, to be inspired by your performance, and to witness the magic you create with your movement and music.

Pole dancers at competitions are breaking free from the constraints of perfectionism, proving that their worthiness is not determined by flawless execution, but by their passion and dedication. When you embrace your own journey and take the stage with confidence, you become an inspiration to others, regardless of the complexity of your routine. Even if you're showcasing basic moves like the jasmine or chair spin, you have the power to inspire newcomers or those returning to the pole world. Your performance shows them that they too can start from wherever they are and bloom into something extraordinary.

So, don't let self-doubt hold you back. Embrace the stage, unleash your creativity, and share your story through your unique performance. You'll not only grow as an individual but also create ripples of inspiration that will touch the lives of others on their own pole journey. Believe in yourself and know that every move you make carries the potential to inspire, uplift, and empower.

Every session with me revolves around the power of mindset. From warm-ups to workouts to cool downs, we use our minds to let go of limitations and become better performers. When we're fully aware of our bodies and listen to our minds, we unlock new movements and shapes we never thought possible. Breathing becomes a source of strength and flexibility, enhancing our overall performance.

To offer more value, I have some openings for free 30-minute sessions this week and next. Whether it's breathwork, mindset, or working on a specific combo, I want to help you break through any barriers holding you back. The studio is fully equipped, with Marley flooring and competition poles, so there are no excuses. You'll train on the same materials used on stages, gaining confidence in your performance.

Don't let anything stop you from doing what you love. Go out there and be you!

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