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Spaces to learn and share pole dance...

About Pole Art Co.

Pole Art Co. (formerly Pole and Performing Art) was created in 2014 to help empower artists by providing them with platforms and opportunities to be able to express their art freely through shows, festivals, and competitions thru our event production services as Pole Art EVENTS. Check the event calendar HERE


In 2022, we opened an in-person studio, Pole Art STUDIO, where artists can come in to a safe space and train for their performances or work on their progress on their own time. Members have 24/7 access to Open Studio Passes at the space in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

In addition to that, Pole Art Co. also offers hybrid classes at the studio. Check out the calandar at the Pole Art Co Portal HERE where you can attend special workshops, and/or you can access your classes in your student dashboard and train in your own home studio.